2006: Dr. Brown-Haywood

2006 Dr. Felicia Brown-Haywood Earns the James Robinson Equal Opportunity Award

Dr. Felicia Brown-Haywood has earned many awards while at Penn State Harrisburg, but one that acknowledges her passion and advocacy for diversity and cross-cultural communication was the 2006 James Robinson Equal Opportunity Award presented by the Penn State Alumni Association.

The following year, she also earned the Heritage Award, reserved for those who “exemplify the philosophy of the Heritage Breakfast: they epitomize African American women in government, business, education, health and the arts that have a relentless faith in their ability to succeed.”

In her position as Director of Student Affairs, she has many responsibilities including serving as affirmative action officer; assisting physically challenged students, returning adults, commuters, and other minority and sub-groups of students; providing follow-up support for the above-mentioned students; and acting as an interpreter/mediator to bring people together.

She has been an active member of the college community by attending, participating in, and singing at campus programs. She has also been the Chairperson of the Diversity and Educational Equity Committee.


  • B.S. Therapeutic Recreation, Cheyney State University
  • Beauty School to learn a trade to earn money while attending graduate school
  • M.S. Counseling, Shippensburg University
  • D.Ed. Adult Education, Penn State Harrisburg

Prior Roles

  • Working with high-risk infants in a hospital
  • Graduate Assistant in the Counseling Center at Penn State Harrisburg
  • 1988 Student Support Counselor in the Student Assistance Center at Penn State Harrisburg
  • 1990 Assistant Dean at Gettysburg College


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