2007: Capital Alliance

2007 SGA Approves the First LGBTQA Student Group

The SGA approved the first LGBTQA student group called Capital Alliance in fall 2007. The group’s goal is to improve the visibility, strength, and support of the Penn State Harrisburg lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, questioning, and allied (LGBTQA) communities through an educational and social environment.

Since Capital Alliance’s inception, the student members have

  • Invited campus speakers on topics like gay activism and AIDS awareness
  • Hosted the Day of Silence, a national event that brings awareness to name calling, bullying, and harassment in schools by asking students to take a vow of silence to illustrate the silencing effects of bullying and harassment on LGBTQ individuals
  • Created the first campus drag show
  • Traveled to college campuses to network with other LGBTQ student groups.

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