50 Years of Women @ Penn State Harrisburg

About the Project

In late spring 2016, Heidi Abbey Moyer had a serendipitous meeting with Lori Ricard from Penn State Harrisburg’s Commission for Women to exchange thoughts and ideas about the college’s 50th anniversary celebrations being planned for 2016-2017.   Lori shared with Heidi the brilliant idea to create the 50 Years of Women @ Penn State Harrisburg blog photo series.

"Walk A Mile in Her Shoes" event on campus, 2014

“Walk A Mile in Her Shoes” event on campus, 2014

With hundreds of photographs to choose from in the archives, Heidi hired a talented writer and Ph.D. candidate, Anne Greenawalt, to work on the project during summer 2016 in Archives and Special Collections.  In just a few short weeks, Anne completed the research for all of the blog posts using only items and photographs from the College History Archives and occasionally the Penn State Harrisburg website.  While researching and writing for this project, Anne was a candidate in the adult education doctoral program at Penn State Harrisburg.  She also has an M.S. in communication studies, an M.A. in creative writing, and a B.A. in creative writing and women’s studies.

Publication of the blog photo series will begin the week of July 4, 2016.  New posts about women and women’s issues will be posted each Monday until we have published 50 posts that commemorate 50 years of women at Penn State Harrisburg.

List of Blog Posts for 50 Years of Women @ Penn State Harrisburg