Art & Architecture @ Penn State Harrisburg

About the Art & Architecture

The once fertile fields of the nineteenth-century Keystone Farm, owned by Colonel James Young, transformed into the twentieth-century military grounds of the Olmsted Air Force Base, and evolved dynamically over the past fifty years into the beautiful college campus that is home to Penn State Harrisburg today.

"Angel in Flight" by Deborah Masters

Angel in Flight by Deborah Masters

This photo series is dedicated to showcasing the art and architecture of our college campus, including the artwork, buildings, sculpture, signs, sports facilities, and other landmarks at the college.


1966: Original Campus Entrance Sign
1967: Original Olmsted Monument
1968: Original Olmsted Building
1969: Mural on the Power Plant Building
1970: Peace Symbol Monument and First Nittany Lion Shrine
1971: University Apartments
1972: Map of Meade Heights
1973: House in Meade Heights
1974: Olmsted Building
1975: Engineering Laboratory
1976: Oliver LaGrone with his sculpture, Family
1977: Multi-Purpose Building
1978: Portrait of Dr. Richard Heindel, 1st Dean of Faculty
1979: Heindel Memorial Library in Olmsted Building
1980: Black Cultural Arts Center and Mural of African American History
1981: Capitol Campus Sculpture and New Campus Entrance Sign
1982: Pennsylvania State Data Center
1983: Meade Heights Residence Area Sign
1984: Science, Engineering, and Technology (SET) Building
1985: Campus Bookstore
1986: Student Dining Hall between Church and Wrisberg Halls
1987: Satellite Dish
1988: Downtown Center
1989: Local Artist Donates Paintings
1990: Center for Pennsylvania Culture Studies
1991: Lion’s Den and New Childcare Center
1992: Eastgate Center
1993: Student Exhibition Causes Controversy
1994: Sculpture Garden Formally Named
1995: A Year of Campus Improvements
1996: Arts and Crafts Festival
1997: Campus Beautification and Environmental Awareness
1998: Oliver LaGrone Cultural Arts Center
1999: SET Building Expansion
2000: New Library Building
2001: Student Art Exhibit in the Morrison Gallery
2002: Village Student Housing
2003: Biscotti’s Coffee Bar and Stacks Market
2004: Aquatics Center in the Capital Union Building (CUB)
2005: Ziegler Commons and Vartan Plaza
2006: Hoverter Tennis Complex and New Nittany Lion Shrine
2007: Baseball Field
2008: Olmsted Facade Renovation
2009: Construction Begins on “Green” Residence Hall
2010: Village Housing Completed and Campus Fountain and Globe
2011: Campus Greenhouse
2012: New Penn State University Seal on Vartan Plaza
2013: Capital Union Building (CUB) Expansion
2014: Educational Activities Building (EAB) Expansion and Sculpture Garden 
2015: Stacks Market Renovation
2016: Student Enrichment Center
2017: Art in the Penn State Harrisburg Library