About The Project


Over the past decade, Heidi Abbey Moyer has served as the Archivist, Humanities Reference Librarian, and Coordinator of Archives and Special Collections at the Penn State Harrisburg Library.  After earning tenure in 2013, Ms. Moyer turned her research focus toward processing thousands of unidentified photographs in the newly-established College History Archives.  This task eventually became her research sabbatical project for the 2014-2015 academic year.  In fall 2014, Ms. Moyer and her archives colleagues (Katie Gorrell, Katie Barrett, and Ashlee Vanderwater) began organizing and meticulously describing over 19,000 photographs that document the history of the college—including its pre-history as the Keystone Farm, Camp Meade during the Spanish-American War, and the Olmsted Air Force Base.  These photographs, along with other important records, manuscripts, publications, and ephemera, (pictured on the left) are now part of the College History Archives, located in Archives and Special Collections at the Penn State Harrisburg Library.

About the Photographs

Penn State Harrisburg by Heidi Abbey Moyer

Penn State Harrisburg by Heidi Abbey Moyer

Selected photographs, which were transferred from the college’s Office of Marketing and Communications Research, were digitized from 2014 to 2016.  More than 400 of the photographs have been published online via Facebook, Flickr, Pinterest, and this blog.  A collection of 199 photographs were also selected for publication in the book, Penn State Harrisburg (2016), which is available as part of Arcadia Publishing’s Campus History Series.  During summer 2016, the blog was expanded to include not only a selection of historical campus photos, but also three distinct photos series that focus on women at Penn State Harrisburg, the Harrisburg Rock Festival, and the art and architecture on campus.

Goals of the Project

The original goals of the project were twofold:  1) for faculty and staff in Archives and Special Collections and campus-wide to better understand and to more effectively share the college’s rich and unique legacy, and 2) for documenting the photographic history of the college in the publication, Penn State Harrisburg, as part of the school’s 50th anniversary celebrations during 2016-2017


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