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David McNaughtonSpecial Education (Penn State University)


Presentation Topic: Asking ( and Answering!) a “Beautiful” Question ( handout as a pdf )

Scholarly writing is often an area of challenge, and I have found it useful to consider analogies with other areas of expression (especially music).

slide of 3 elementsMore specifically, in this presentation I discussed three key elements of “beautiful” questions








I also discussed  interesting parallels in academic writing and music,music and writing including the need to  communicate passion (within a rigid structure) in our research and in our writing.





Background: My earliest experience in AAC was providing intervention services to adults with significant cognitive delays (and their day-center and group home staff) in Toronto, Canada. Since that time I have continued to work to identify effective intervention services for persons with complex communication needs, with a special focus on literacy and transition supports.

Current Interests: Much of my current work is now related to the activities of the RERC on AAC, a federally funded research and development center in AAC. I am especially interested in the video VSD, Transition to Literacy (T2L), and Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) projects, and ways in which we can support dissemination of innovative evidence-based practices.

Sample Presentation/Publication:  aacliteracy.psu.edu I chose this website because I think it represents a good example of a significant effort to disseminate evidence-based practices. I would be interested in discussing with others how new web-based tools allow us to build on materials like this (which was developed in 2012) and introduce new learning opportunities.

McNaughton presenting

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