Christina Corso

Communication Sciences and Disorders (Ohio University)

Background: Before starting my doctoral program in Fall of 2017, I worked hard to lay a path that built a foundation in AAC. I graduated Duquesne University in 2008 where I went to work in early intervention with preschoolers (ages 3-5) in Lancaster, Pennsylvania for my CFY. After my CFY, I moved to North Carolina in July of 2009, where I worked with pre-K to 4th grade children in Kannapolis City schools (Title 1) and provided AAC in-services for the district SLPs. I returned to Pittsburgh in July 2010 to the Children’s Institute of Pittsburgh, where I started out in outpatient (7 months) and moved to The Day School (7 years) where I worked with adolescents (ages 14-21) who had severe and profound communication disorders. The Day School allowed me to sharpen my AAC skills around transition age students where it was important to provide age appropriate interventions for quality of life and increase participation.

Current Interests: My current research focuses on the use of smart home technology as a new form of assistive technology to provide independence individuals who use AAC, more specifically how speech generating devices can interact with smart home technology and the best forms of smart home technology to recommend to individuals and families to promote participation/independence. This area of focus came from feedback from families of the students I worked with at The Day School. In addition to smart home technology, I am exploring new interface designs and access methods (Brain controlled interface and exoskeletons) with engineering for individuals who have multiple disabilities and have limited access. I am also looking at VR as a PREality instruction tool for community based instruction.

Sample Presentation/Publication and Rationale: Smart Home Technology as Assistive Technology: Experiences of Individuals with High Spinal Cord Injury (Preliminary data)

Additional information: (in process of going live).

Presentation Topic: Smart Home Technology as Assistive Technology: Experiences of Individuals with High Spinal Cord Injury (Complete Dataset)

Research Challenges: I feel that participant recruitment and funding are my biggest research challenges.

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