Kaitlyn Clarke

Kaitlyn ClarkeCommunication Sciences and Disorders (Pennsylvania State University)

Background: Before beginning the doctoral program, I worked clinically as a Speech-Language Pathologist for 7 years. I mostly worked with pediatrics in both outpatient, inpatient, and school-based settings. My work was primarily with individuals with ASD and genetic disorders, which has helped to guide my research interests.

Current Interests:  My current research interests are related to the implications of dual modality input and integration for individuals with ASD when using AAC supports; specifically related to how we instruct the use of these supports. I am interested in looking at the synchronicity of multiple forms of input and how they may affect efficiency of learning for individuals with ASD.

Dissertation Chair: Dr. Diane Williams

Sample Presentation/Publication and Rationale: Investigating Daily Practices of AAC Modeling by SLPs Who Work With Individuals With ASD. This project looked at the modeling practices that SLPs are currently looking to help guide my specific research questions within my line of research. I felt it was important to complete a qualitative study of what is actually happening in clinical practices to inform research.

Additional Information: https://kaitlynaclarke.wordpress.com/

Think Tank Presentation Topic: Auditory and Visual Integration in Individuals with ASD: Implications for AAC instruction 

Discussion Topics

  • I think that disseminating research is always an issue and I am always interested in hearing about ways in which others have successfully done this.
  • I struggle with translating research/terminology in the cognitive and neuropsychology literature to easily digestible information for practitioners (i.e. SLPs/teachers/family members). Much of my research is grounded in findings from cognitive and neuropsychology and I need to find a better way of explaining this findings for those who are not familiar.

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