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Conflict of Interest

You may be aware that the University has a Conflict of Interest Policy. The University Policy requires that employees must disclose any potential conflict of interest to their respective Department Head and Dean prior to any purchase or agreement.

If an employee or a member of the employee’s family has ownership in a company and the company wishes to conduct business doing outside work with Penn State, Purchasing must be notified. The employee must also disclose the potential conflict by completing the Supplier Application form.

For further information on Penn State’s Conflict of Interest policy, refer to:


Purchase of Airfare

1. Anthony Travel is the Preferred Travel Agency for Penn State Employees.

  • Access to an after-hours (24/7) service so travelers can quickly resolve issues when on the road outside of normal business hours
  • No comparisons needed when requesting travel reimbursement since they are the University’s approved travel agency
  • No booking fees
  • PSU Travel Services On-Lion

2. Use of any other source for purchasing business travel requires same day documentation—obtained from Travel Services Online—verifying that the price obtained was lower than the price available through other sources if the flight is $1000 or over and booked outside of one of the Penn State approved systems, flying from another airport other than the one closest to the person’s primary work location, and adding personal to business travel.

3. The University has discounted pricing agreements with Delta, United, American, and Southwest Airlines. This discounting is only available when reservations are made through Travel OnLion or Anthony Travel with the exception of Southwest Airlines, which is not available on the Delta website or any other third-party site.

4. Proper instructions for approval to use an outside travel agency other than the University approved agents.

  • obtain on-line quote from Anthony Travel
  • obtain on-line quote from outside agency
  • faculty member purchases tickets with own funds and submits for reimbursement after the travel has been made

The most important thing is to request approval prior to the trip (and prior to making the purchase). Also, submit printouts of the PSU Travel Services quote with the travel support form.

There is no limitation on the number of times this can be done. As long as the traveler provides the quote from Travel Services, and they can find something cheaper, they are welcome to do so. Traveler must remember that it can be difficult to make changes to a flight if they book with an on-line service. It is easier to make changes if you work with a travel agent.

Airfare booking options and services

Travel Reimbursement Extended Travel Stays Outside the United States

International Travel frequently consists of both business and personal components.

1. If a trip is longer than one week, traveler must define what percent is business vs. personal.

2. If business stay is 2 months or longer, that is considered an Extended Stay. For business travel of 2 months or longer, per diem is allowed for maximum of 3 weeks. After 3 weeks, the traveler will be reimbursed based on Actual expenses.

  • First 3 weeks, per diem is acceptable.
  • After 3 weeks, Actual expenses are used for lodging, meals and all other subsistence expenses
  • Receipts are required for lodging.
  • If on extended business travel, employee must submit request for reimbursement on a monthly basis.


Non-Employee Information Form Policy

Arts & Architecture is instituting a new policy for any visitor to the University. Travelers who are not employees of the University, such as job candidates, consultants, guests of the University, new hires who travel for house hunting are all to be reimbursed in accordance with the standard travel policy for all employees.

Visitors from other countries require special processing in order to comply with federal immigration and IRS requirements.

Before you initiate any document (Purchasing Card transaction, direct charge – NLI, Penn Stater, etc.) related to their trip, you must have the visitor complete the Non-Employee Information Form (formerly the VISIT form)

Failure to complete the Non-Employee Information Form exposes the College and the Department to potential fines (up to $35,000). After you have the Non-Employee Information Form and complete the reimbursement for the expenses – file the Non-Employee Informaion Form with the visitor’s paperwork and keep in your area (current +3 years). Expenses for a non-employee will NOT be approved without the Non-Employee Information Form. In the notepad section of electronic forms – indicate if the Non-Employee Information Form has been completed and the visitor’s VISA type.

  • If a University budget is used for reimbursement, the Non-Employee Information Form must be completed.
  • Individuals providing services at a non-campus location (out of state) still need to complete the Non-Employee Information Form per Larry Friedken, “As long as the individual enters the United States, the visit form and all the related INS rules apply”.
  • Only one Non-Employee Information Form needs to be completed for an individual visiting the University several times, provided the individual has stated they are a U.S. citizen.
Retirement or Departure Events

As per our Finance Office meeting on November 21, 2016, refreshments for retirement and receptions are permitted on OGE funds and are limited to a maximum amount of $300.00. Gifts are not allowed to be purchased using University funds. The Dean’s approval is required prior to purchasing items. Please send approval requests to Kathy Kensinger at

Purchasing Card and Receipts

1. Purchasing Card charges are reconciled in departments by individuals who have been designated and approved by the Financial Officer. Approved Reconciler Delegation Forms are on file with the Financial Officer.

2. Cardholder is responsible for turning in receipts directly to the Departmental Reconciler. This should occur IMMEDIATELY after the purchase is made.

3. Support Form is required. Receipt must be taped or stapled to the Support Form. Detailed receipts must be obtained when possible and are required for group meals per Policy FN10. If detailed receipts cannot be obtained, the Cardholder must document the reason why they could not be obtained.

4. Faxed and photo copied receipts should include some documentation or notation as to why an original receipt was not available.

5. Cardholder’s signature and date MUST be on both the receipt and the support form for ALL purchases, whether made by the Cardholder, or someone authorized by the Cardholder. If someone other than the cardholder uses the Purchasing Card, they must also sign and date the receipt before it is reconciled by the Reconciler.

6. Cardholders must personally review their own statements from PNC Bank. These statements are mailed directly to each Cardholder on a monthly basis. The statement must be signed, dated and retained by the Cardholder for one year (current plus 12 months prior).

7. The Reconciler notes the P-Number on the Support Form, initials and dates the Support Form and reconciles the transaction using RPCC.

8. After a charge has been reconciled, the Reconciler should forward the completed Support Form and Original Receipt to the Financial Office, 120 Borland Building.

9. Reconcilers cannot also be purchasers. If it is not possible to separate the purchasing function and reconciliation function, the purchasing card support form must be forwarded to the Financial Office for reconciliation. Please specify the budget and cost center that the expense should be resolved to.

10. The Financial Office will maintain all files for the required retention period. It is not necessary for the department to maintain a file copy. If at a later date, a copy is required, contact the Financial Office and a copy will be provided.

11. Notify the FO if there is a problem or perceived problem with any use of the card.

Internal Cash Handling and X-Coding Guidelines


  • Penn State Affirmative Action Policy Information on affirmative action, equal employment opportunity, sexual harassment, diversity programs. Contact Suzanne C. Adair,;  Associate Vice President for Affirmative Action; 328 Boucke Bldg.; phone (814) 863-0471; fax (814) 863-7799

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