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Return to Work


Return to Work


Link to the electronic form:

  1. Requester Information tab
    • Requester name, title, email, location, department/work area will all self-populate.
    • You must next select a category that best represents the work being done by the group you are requesting to return to work on campus. For a request for faculty, the category will probably be “teaching.” For staff, the category will most likely be “administrative function.”
    • You will be asked to provide a brief description of the workgroup and why work must be done on-site and not remotely. For faculty, it will be likely to teach in-person. For staff, it will likely be to provide a presence in the workspace for security and safety reasons while the building is open to the public.
  1. On-campus Details
    • Indicate campus—dropdown menu
    • Indicate primary Work Facility/Building—drop-down menu. If the request is for more than one individual, you do not need to complete Room or Description field. If your building is not listed, click on “other” and put the building name in the description.
    • Indicate expected Days on Campus—if the request is for more than one individual, you will most likely want to check Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.
    • Indicate the average number of hours expected each day on campus—if the request is for more than one individual (especially if it includes staff), you will most likely indicate “8” for 8 hours.
    • Indicate how many other facilities (buildings, room numbers, suites, labs, etc.) will your group utilize—drop-down menu and you must select from the listing.  This field cannot be left blank.  If “0”,  then click the drop-down menu and enter “0.”  If selecting any number larger than “0,” you will be prompted to list all those buildings that will be utilized by those on the request.
  1. Personnel
    • You will be asked to answer, “Does the request include tech service personnel?”—click “No.”
    • Next, you will be prompted to enter personnel, email, title, unit/work area of individuals within this particular request—type in the employee’s name, last name first, first name second. You will then receive a drop-down menu for you to select the employee. This will then populate each employee’s email address, their title, and their unit/work area. Click on the people icon to add additional employees who are part of this request.
  1. Safety Details
    • You will be asked to describe the precautions you will take to ensure health and safety for all those in your workspace – Here is where you will generally insert the following, “The employees will be self-monitoring each day and throughout the day.  They will adhere to social distancing guidelines and will be wearing masks.  Good personal hygiene will be practiced and hand sanitizer will be provided to the employees.  Cleaning supplies will be provided to the employees to clean their individual workspaces.  Common areas will have cleaning supplies so that an employee will be required to clean after usage.  In addition, the employees will only populate building spaces when necessary for their required tasks that need to be completed on campus.”
  1. Routing Approvals
    • You will be asked, “Does form need to be reviewed or edited by another person prior to sending for approvals?”—click yes. Type in “Rountree, Katie,” and then click “submit.”
    • Please route all requests to Katie Rountree, Director of Facilities for her review. Katie will then route to Dean Carpenter for his approval.

Once the Request Work Authorization form is approved, Katie must complete the online Space Re-Occupancy Form with the Office of Physical Plant. Most buildings have been closed with limited or no custodial services as well as maintained in an energy set back mode. Facility ramp-up may take up to two weeks for full re-activation. Employees cannot return until every facility is officially re-opened by the Office of Physical Plant. By including our Katie in the approval stage for the Request to Work On-Campus Authorization, we are hoping to get a jump start on the Space Re-Occupancy process.

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