About me

I am Aaron Wang (王立中), a second year Ph.D.  student studying Meteorology in Penn State University.  I love the beauty of fluid dynamics (no matter its elegant view or mysterious math).  I have the background of fluid dynamics from both Meteorology and Mechanical Engineering.  I enjoy applying the knowledge to interpret the dynamics from the daily weather to the drink in my cup.

Pennsylvania State University (PSU)
Ph.D. Graduate Student (2018-), Meteorology and Atmospheric Science

National Taiwan University (NTU)
M.S. (2016): Major in Atmospheric Sciences
B.S.E (2014): Major in Mechanical Engineering (double major)
B.S. (2014): Major in Atmospheric Sciences

Boundary-layer Meteorology
Mesoscale Meteorology
Large-eddy simulation (wall model and SGS model)