Passive cooling – a revolution

with constant increasing temperatures, and constant usage of electricity to try and over come the heat, the world is slowly coming face to face with a huge problem of depletion of resources. Although, nature again saves us. The Eastgate complex in Zimbabwe, is a 324000 square foot complex. it is huge, and in the hot climate of a place like Zimbabwe, its primary cooling method is natural ventilation. Engineers from Arup, led by Mick Pearce, got the inspiration from termite wounds. Termites need their homes to be at an exact temperature of 87 degrees Fahrenheit, throughout a 24 hour range of 35 at night and 104 at day. The solution was a passive-cooling structure with specially designed hooded windows, variable thickness walls and light colored paints to reduce heat absorption.


Cathedral_Termite_Mound_-_brewbooks eastgate-zimbabwe-apartment-building

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