About Me

Full Name: Abhijith Athreya Mysore Gopinath

Ph.D. Student     CV | Linkedin

Human Language Technologies Lab
College of Information Sciences and Technology
Pennsylvania State University

E364, Westgate Building, College of IST, University Park, PA, 16802
athreyaabhijith at gmail dot com
abhijith at psu dot edu

Short Bio:
I am a first year Ph.D. student in the College of IST, Pennsylvania State University. I work in the Human Language Technologies Lab, headed by my adviser Dr. Shomir Wilson. I completed my M.S in Computer Science from the University of Cincinnati in August 2018, advised by Dr. Shomir Wilson. My research focuses on natural language processing and machine learning for textual data, with a focus on privacy policies. I’m a member of the Usable Privacy Policy Project.

Recent Updates

Jan 2020
  • I rejoined Penn State to resume (effectively restart) my PhD program.
Nov 2018
  • I took a personal break from PhD. I joined Samsung R&D as a Chief Engineer. My work at Samsung focuses on natural language generation for Bixby chat.
Sep 2018
  • Our paper titled “Supervised and Unsupervised Methods for Robust Separation of Section Titles and Prose Text in Web Documents” has been accepted at the EMNLP (Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing) 2018 conference, to be held in Brussels, Belgium in Nov 2018.
Aug 2018
Jul 2018
  • I successfully defended my master thesis, titled “Automatic Detection of Section Title and Prose Text in HTML Documents Using Unsupervised and Supervised Learning”.
May 2018
  • Presented few ideas on question answering for privacy policies at the NSF frontier meet of the usable privacy policy project, held at the Carnegie Mellon University.
Apr 2018
  • I along with Hemanth Gudaparthi and Coleman Kane, finished our work on the detection of duplicate questions. Specifically, we used deep learning methods to achieve 78% accuracy on the Quora dataset.
Jan 2018
  • I’m now a member of the Usable Privacy Policy Project. More about it here.
  • Started working as a Graduate Research Assistant in the Human Language Technologies lab, headed by my adviser Dr. Shomir Wilson.
Aug 2017