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What is the difference between somewhat with a mental handicap and a genius?

The answer is 70. According to the Intelligence Quotient (IQ) test, someone with a mental impairment has an IQ of 70 or below. A person who is considered a genius has an IQ of at least 140. The lifestyle of two people who have a difference in IQ from 70 to 140 will be vastly different. One will be able to grasp “complicated” concepts easily while the other may struggle to grasp onto more “simple” concepts (simplicity and complexity are subjective to the reader but the concept of something more complex is universal, so look at it conceptually). One will most likely make it into a college or university and do well, then get a job that pays well, become a public official or go into academics. While there is a multitude of seemingly less extravagant career choices for the person with the mental impairment. This will most likely lead to a difference in the quality of life and statistically, it will lead to a difference in the length of ones life as well. With the person with the higher IQ living longer.

Evidently there is a huge difference in the places a person will go with a 140 to 70 IQ level. This begs the question, is this constant for all large intervals of IQ levels between people?

The answer to this question is no. This is a simple concept, know in economics as the Theory of Diminishing Returns. The Theory of Diminishing returns essentially says that if I study for 0 hours I will get a 50%, if I study for 5 hours I can get a 75%, but if I study for another 5 hours my score increase will only be another ~10% instead of the previous 25%. This theory is constant with many things in life, including the quality of life correlated to ones IQ test score. So even though the difference in quality of life and even the length of life is vast for the people with an IQ of 70 and 140, the difference in life between a person with an IQ of 130 and 180 would have little to no difference.

Statistically, you are just as likely to win a Nobel Peace Prize with the IQ of 100 ( the national average in America) as you are to get one with the genius IQ of 142 ( the average for the peace prize is 121). It gets to a point where simple intelligence is not enough to progress ones success in life. Once a person gets to an IQ of 130, the quality of life virtually stops increasing. That is when one must work on their interpersonal skills, conversation skills, power of persuasion, determination, humility, building a network, and they must have a constant thirst to continue growing. That is where the people with IQs of 120 win Nobel prizes over people who have IQs of 180.

The truly successful world changers are the ones who were able to combine their intellect with their passion and make the most out of it. They never ceased chasing their dream and they did not squander their gift.

How smart do I need to be in order to win a Nobel Prize?

I need to be smart enough to realize that I can change the world and there is nothing that can stop me. Whether there is a prize at the end or not. I will leave my mark on this planet and on mankind. I will change millions of lives for the better. I will not accept defeat. I will tirelessly chase my passion. I will have a thirst for knowledge that cannot be quenched. I will use the resources which I have.

IQ is a good measure of intelligence, but not a good measure on potential impact on the world. Remember that the next time you fell less smart that the person sitting across from you.