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As I’ve mentioned in the first two blogs, I’m presently very much indebted to the PLA and many other institutions in the form of overdue blog posts, thank-you letters, and general gratitude. As a part of my summer-long blogging requirement for PLA, I would like to take this opportunity to digest and reflect upon my last few weeks.

I’ve never flown more in my life. After six flights getting back and forth from Africa, and eight more once I’ve been back in the United States, I’m really rethinking my desire to travel for work. At Deloitte, I’m not presently staffed on a traveling project, which initially disappointed me but now seems like a blessing. After finishing and submitting (yay!) my thesis in my final week of school, and getting back some of the grades I wanted, I left for Africa to enjoy my time there – you can read about my experience in my other two blogs. Once I returned, I focused on preparing for my internship, and traveling to Atlanta, Georgia for orientation my first week. Orientation was incredible, and I got to meet a lot of really fantastic practitioners and reconnect with some old friends. If for whatever reason she reads this, I’d like to thank Caitie Bailey for showing me around town, and providing me endless support as I begin embarking upon the law school admissions journey.

The second week of work was very difficult. In consulting, everyone is always busy, and my project team dynamic differs from some of the other interns. Where their team might have had something ready for them immediately, mine did not, as my Team Lead and a few others were extremely busy. My team is other primarily not composed of consultants, but rather, solutions specialists and subject-matter-experts (SMEs), so it was a bit tough getting acquainted to things. But I talked things through with a few mentors and developed an action plan to get everything moving, and I feel good about that. Though I am disappointed that I had to take myself off the payroll at Penn State for my job at the Writing Center because Deloitte audits Penn State and fears any perception of bias to that end.

All in all, I feel pretty good. I’m trying to do a bit more around personal finance and investing this year (New Year’s Resolution), and make sure I’m smart with my money once I graduate college. Beyond that, I’m hoping to learn a lot more in Microsoft Excel this summer, so that I can take those skills forward with me in my career. I’m also trying to do as much as I can to learn about every facet of consulting, which should help me make critical decisions moving forward. And, I’ve finally started paying attention to the Democratic primaries, which is long overdue, and I look forward to discussing this with all of the lovely folks in PLA this fall in HONOR 401.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer – comment on this post or send me a text if you’re ever in the Harrisburg/Philadelphia area and want to connect!

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