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With the Diwali celebration coming near,it reminds me how important the clubs on Penn state are. If it was not for  Indian Culture & Language Club ( ICLC), we wouldn’t be having events like Holi or navratri. But it also makes me think about how much of these events affect students on campus. It is phenomenal for students who celebrate this festival at home but what about other students? For some reasons, it has been  so difficult to see non-Indian in Holi, Diwali or Navratri. It makes me think, how much of these efforts, financial and human, are being used to help integrate the culture. I understand one might say, you can’t expect the non Indian to participate but why not? I get a holiday for thanksgiving, I dress for Halloween, I try Halal restaurants.

Yes. Not everyone wants to try new things and that’s okay. But I disagree that so many students don’t want to do that. Some might not come because the tickets were expensive or they might not know about the event. Either way, It makes me think how might one address this and who’s responsibility it becomes to promote the cross cultural education? Penn State? Global Programs? Clubs?  I think of Cultural clubs as most efficient effective way. Hopefully people working in these clubs are passionate about their culture and what to share. But I feel it puts a very different spin on the assumed responsibilities of the club at Penn state. After talking to a few people from cultural groups, I realized how most of them were catering to their own culture’s student and not about general student base. I feel this is something that could hinder the development of the growth of students at Penn State. 

I am taking part in Global forums and convincing student organizations to address this issue. I think time will tell how these efforts are shaping the students, both Domestic and International. 

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