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The current State of COVID-19 in Zimbabwe

I believe this is a stressful time for most of us and so has it been for me especially given the fact that I am not with my family. I have had constant calls back and forth trying to hear the state of the situation back home and most importantly to ensure that my loved ones are safe.

In the process of doing that there is a lot that has been saddening me about the leadership system in a developing country like Zimbabwe. First, the government is extremely unprepared to contain a pandemic such as the Corona Virus and it has been complacent about the whole situation. There is no social distancing that has been enforced and business has been going as usual. To make up for such ignorant acts, there have been some foolish claims going on that the Virus does not survive SubSaharan temperatures and Africans have some sort of natural resistance build in towards that. Imagine how absurd that sounds because these are just claiming without any supporting evidence or research to it. The propaganda is so enforced that people do not even take the necessary precautions to save their lives.

I also discovered something as I conversed with my family about how they were all more willing to just pray and not take any necessary steps to fight the spread of Corona. I mean I am also a Christian and I 100% believe that God is the ultimate savior, but does that mean us as humans should not take caution? It just showed me how religion mostly in developing worlds is being exploited to some extent to exploit and suppress human common sense. At this point I also witness how the corrupt Zimbabwean government does not understand priorities; it is able to donate caps and campaigning regalia but fails to supply the public with sanitizers. Where are we heading with such a leadership system in place?

There has been one death, the son of a prominent minister and this has forced the general public to take this pandemic seriously. And I have been seeing more awareness campaigns online, but it really disappointed me how the leadership put in place in Zimbabwe handled the Corona Virus situation.

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