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Last night I woke up at 1:00 in the morning to hear my baby sister crying. There was a daddy-long leg spider on her bed and she wanted someone to kill it for her. I typically am in bed at around 9:00 and asleep by 10, so I was fast asleep when this was happening.  My little sister called my parents but they did not come to help her.  She was very upset because she had asked for help and no one came. My sisters and I are all deathly afraid of bugs.


I learned an important lesson from the spider on my sister’s bed. At this point, my two sisters and I function pretty independently of our parents.  There really isn’t much that we ask for but my little sister needed help killing the spider.  This in turn made me think more about my parents, and parents in general.  


Our parents really do not ask for a lot.  When one of your parents asks you to do something, do it.  Our parents do so much for us and they have taken care of us for most of our lives.  They feed us, give us a place to live, give us clothes, provide emotional support, help us with school, love us, given us life, the list goes on and on.  Reflecting on it now, my parents have given me everything that I need as a necessity to live and on top of that they have given me way more than I could ask for.  My parents made sure I had all of my needs and they have also been sure to give me a lot of my wants as well.  The least we can do is a favor every now and then, especially when they ask very little to begin with.  After everything that our parents have done for us, we should want to do as much as possible to make it up to them and try to return the favor. 


Our parents should know how much we value them. Showing your parents how much you appreciate everything they have done for you is not a hefty task at all.  It is so easy to show someone you are thankful for them. Tell your parents that you are grateful to have them today. Give them a gift that has a lot of thought behind it, it will mean a lot to them. Write a note to make them feel loved. 


Treasure your parents. 

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