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On Thursday, my younger cousin had her high school graduation.  It was a really interesting way to have a graduation. My cousin went to a school called Owen J. Roberts, it is in Pottstown, Pennsylvania. It is a fairly large school, but they still wanted to try and do some type of graduation which I thought was nice because they found a way to celebrate their students and still be safe while doing it.

The kids graduated alphabetically by last name.  Each person has a time slot when their family gets to come into the auditorium.  The seats are all blocked off and so people would just walk through the aisles and not touch anything so they cannot spread their germs anywhere.  Additionally, everyone is wearing masks and you are not in contact with anyone. My cousin had her time at 8:50 and her last name starts with an R so I assume this was done on multiple days. Each student gets their name called, they walk across the stage, move their tassel, get their picture taken, wash their hands with hand sanitizer, then they reach into a box and grab a poster (I believe their actual diplomas must’ve been mailed to their houses), and lastly each student takes some professional pictures by the statue in front of the high school which is their mascot, a wildcat. 

This whole thing was definitely a very tedious process, especially because there were so many students.  But I think everyone deserves to feel special on their graduation day and it is very admirable that this school allowed their kids to have a graduation and be very safe while doing it.  So many kids had this privilege taken away from them, I feel that even if there wasn’t something like this organized by the school someone goes to, someone should try to get creative and celebrate them.  Everyone deserves to be recognized for their accomplishments. For example, you could set up a fake graduation at home for you kid.  They can put on their cap and gown and take their graduation pictures and someone can announce their name as they are handed their “diploma” or you could wait until their real diploma comes and do this.  

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