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So earlier this week, I got a message from a friend saying that I should check to see if my classes got switched to online rather than in person. I went on lionpath and found out that all but two of my classes are now being conducted over zoom.  Yesterday, my dad told me that a Penn State student died that had the coronavirus. A day after hearing this news, I went back on lionpath and all of my classes got switched to online.

I am not sure how to feel about this.  Last semester when everyone had online classes due to quarantining, I had my co-op and so I did not get to have that experience like everyone else.  I actually have never had an online class period.  

I think this will be more of a personal challenge.  With all online classes, I will have way more time on my hands.  There is no excuse for not studying enough.  Everyone is going to need to be very self motivated and make sure that they don’t slack off.  For example, if classes are recorded then some people may feel tempted to not go to class because they can just watch the video later.  If you get in the habit of doing this, you could be in trouble.  Additionally, it is going to be important to find a space to do work (not the bed).  Luckily, I am a Program Assistant for the First Years in Engineering (FISE) program so I have a single dorm room.  This will allow me a place to do work where I can at least not be distracted by a roommate.  Distractions I will have to avoid are my TV, phone, and my bed. 

This semester I won’t have to be running in between classes, labs, club meetings, the hub, office hours, and the library all day, I would imagine that I will mostly be in my room because there really should not be much social interaction going on.  I think it will be a strange year for freshmen because it’s different making friends face to face versus on the computer and you can’t really hangout with your friends without being at risk. I hope there will be something put in place that will allow new students to make friends and have fun at school while still being safe. Something to think about..