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The title of my blog is going to relate to two situations. Depend on yourself; dual-meaning, if you want something done right then do it yourself, and also don’t let others change the way you feel.

There are some times in life when you should be delegating tasks and in this instance you would of course need to depend on someone else. Being able to effectively delegate is an important skill and so I am not downplaying that but sometimes it is important to do things on your own. This past week I have been trying to get a certain task done and to do this I have been depending on two different people. Either one of them could have helped me with it but instead neither of them stepped up. This particular situation is something that most people wouldn’t think is my responsibility, rather the people that are supposed to be my supervisors. I asked multiple times for help and yet got no type of response and so I had to really drive this whole process. I offered many solutions, got no response to the solutions. In the end, I no longer trust that these people who were meant to be helping me really want to. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and still didn’t get assistance and so I am doing it by myself now.

The next situation I am going to talk about in which depending on yourself applies is letting others have a significant effect on your emotions. Happiness needs to come from within. You cannot depend on a person or thing to be happy. This doesn’t mean that a person or thing can’t make you happy, it just means that can’t be the ONLY reason you are happy, it can of course add to your happiness. Just how you shouldn’t let the only reason you’re happy be a person or a thing, you also shouldn’t let it make you sad. You must be so deeply rooted in yourself that anything on the outside doesn’t change how you feel. That is how you find true peace. You will find that life will be a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable when you decide that you solely effect your emotions.