The American Center for the Study of Distance Education (ACSDE) has reestablished operation at The Pennsylvania State University.  ACSDE is associated with the Department of Learning and Performance Systems in the College of Education and will be directed by Lifelong Learning and Adult Education faculty Dr. William Diehl.   

The Center was originally established after The American Symposium on Research in Distance Education which was held at Penn State in July of 1988. The Center’s founder, Dr. Michael G. Moore, described the organization as “in inter-institutional, multi-disciplinary Center. It aims to facilitate collaboration among individuals and institutions in the United States and overseas” with its main goals as promoting distance education research, study, scholarship, and teaching, and to serve as a clearinghouse for the dissemination of knowledge about distance education.

The reestablished ACSDE will continue to pursue and to expand these goals building upon the foundation that was established by Moore and colleagues.  

  1. To act as a hub for academics, practitioners, and students who are engaged in, or wish to be engaged in the study, teaching, and research in the field of distance education.
  2.  To engage in leadership, facilitation, and collaboration between those who are engaged in the study and practice of distance education.
  3.  To further develop The American Journal of Distance Education, The American Research Symposium in Distance Education, and to seek other ways of stimulating and encouraging high quality of research and practice in distance education.

Membership and Participation