We have created a space for colleagues to discuss their preparedness plans and to collaborate on solutions to issues that are related to the current Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak.

K-12 Schools, Colleges, Community Colleges, Universities, and Businesses around the world are preparing and initiating ways to deal with continuity issues. One of the ways that schools are doing this is to move their face to face courses online. We have created a space for our colleagues in the field of distance and online education to join us and to share their expertise so that our colleagues (and thus, students) around the world who are new to online education can benefit.  Stay tuned for upcoming online events.

We have set up an online forum here and we welcome your input.  Click here to access the online forum and/or join us in the Teams space below.

You can join us in our new Teams space by clicking here. If you have trouble accessing the Teams space, please use our forum and sign up on the mailing list for further info.

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