Top of the day to each of you!
You are busy; this I know well. But please give me a few seconds of your time.
“On the life of purpose:

DM: Do you think that there’s a common denominator to people who can make a great contribution? Do you think that there’s something that–

MV: Unites them? Yes. What in Greek is called sympathy, the synchronization of pathos. You feel this incredible level of connection with these people. To a certain extent, it is equally comparable to love.”

The previous thought is a snippet from an interview conducted by Debbie Millman with Massimo Vignelli. I pulled it from Maria Popova’s Brain Pickings website because I see in it an essence of what I am planted in the earth to produce: A life that loves.
Love in words is expressed in multitudinous myriads of ways, but the one I try to bear readily in mind says simply, “To love is to seek the best for the one loved.” And sometimes, it is only expressible in the act of putting words to sentiment.
Though we may be limited in time and space, may we learn to love beyond both boundaries.
Make life beautiful where you are. We are…learning to…
high regards,

Better days SHALL come!!

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