January 26

Meet our Active Minds Officers!

President: Victoria (Tori) Zielinski

Hey Active Minds! Here’s a little paragraph about me so you can get to know me a little. I’m currently in my sophomore year at Penn State World Campus; in the OLead BA degree program. I was one of the founders of Active Minds at World Campus back in the Summer of 2016 and was the web coordinator. Mental Illness has affected my personal life, as well as many of my loved ones. I want to help people get help. There are so many outlets for those who are suffering.

I live about 3 hours away from State College in Berks County with my family. I’m a part time babysitter, caretaker, dog-sitter and a volunteer teachers aid. I’m excited to help this group grow and become stronger. Please do not hesitate to contact me or any of the other Board members with any questions or concerns you might have.


Vice President: Amber Redmond 

I am the Vice President of Active Minds at Penn State World Campus. I’m a 2009 PSU alumna with a Bachelor of Science in Management degree from the Smeal College of Business. I am also currently a graduate student with Penn State World Campus in the Master of Public Administration program. I’ve been a PSU employee for 4 years and am currently working as an Admissions Counselor with Penn State World Campus Admission Services and Financial Aid. I also serve as the Director of Membership for the World Campus Chapter of the Blue and White Society and am Student Ambassador for World Campus. I’m from Happy Valley, consider myself a life-long Penn Stater, and even have a Penn State tattoo on my left foot! I have 2 German Shepherds (Hoyt and Harper), 3 cats (Mo, Buffy, and Penny), and 2 guinea pigs (Chubs and Tubs). In what little free time I have, I like to spend time with my friends and family!


Secretary: Rochelle Harris

I am currently in my second semester of my junior year here at Penn State. I am working toward my BS in Psychology. I hope to attend medical school afterward. I currently reside in Southern California. I have two beautiful children and a man that I love most dearly.

Mental illness is a subject that I am passionate about as I, and many people that I love, suffer from different disorders. I want to be able to provide support and help to those who seek it as well as help the community eliminate the stigma related to it. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.


Web Coordinator: Hilda Yacoubian

Hello everyone! I am going into my senior year at Penn State World Campus, and will soon hold a BA in Psychology. I was born and raised in Damascus, Syria, but when the civil war broke out around five years ago, my family and I decided to make the move to Yerevan, Armenia because we are ethnically Armenian. As some of the other Active Minds Leaders have shared, I too have dealt and still deal with issues with mental illness, and I have made it a mission of mine to raise as much awareness about the importance of mental health and to be vocal about my own anxieties, to show this community that nobody has to go through it alone. I look forward to meeting and working with new members and my fellow Active Minds leaders to ensure that everyone’s voice gets heard, and to spread the importance of mental health.


Treasurer: Ivan D. Rogers II 

My name is Ivan D. Rogers II. I am currently attending Pennsylvania State University for my

B.S. in Psychology in hopes to get my PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology. I was born and raised in New York City but visit Pennsylvania as often as I can.  Psychology has always been an interest of mine; it is a subject that I spend the most time researching independently.  I feel it is important to help not only spread awareness, but also understanding of what psychology is and how different people’s perspectives are.  In a world where most try to prove one another wrong I believe that it is more important to understand what the other person might be trying to say.  I feel this is can be a large part in the misunderstanding of how certain mental ailments are and how they can really affect a person. I joined Active Minds to help in spreading this awareness and hope that we can help in allowing people to understand the world from other perspectives.