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Preseason WIN 37-7

Blow out, show out, eagles take big win in a last preseason game.  Henry Josey(rookie) finished off his first preseason with a 6.6 per rush average.  Most by any eagle in preseason history but with much remorse Chip Kelly cut him from the line up.  Along with 3rd string quarter back Gj Kinne giving the spot to Matt Barkley. This season will be explosive with Mccoy and Sproles in the back field.  This will open passing lanes for all receivers and tight ends.  Brent Celek finishes off the preseason losing his helmet 2 out of 4 games.  Being such a leader for the team he needs to blow out and show out in each and every game.  Get excited next week starts week 1 of regular season.  brent celek

To date information and coverage about your own Philadelphia Eagles

Hi my name is Alex Dunetz.  I was born and raised in the Philadelphia Area.  Over the past 21 years I have grown to love our own Philadelphia eagles.  I will be uploading up to date information and game analysis for the Eagles.  I will also have information about upcoming opponents and challenges for the teams.  GET EXCITED.  Season is less then a month away.  Retro Eagles Logo