Another one of the shows my family always watched together is called Flashpoint.  This series is about a group of SWAT team agents who is the top SWAT team in their area.  They all work incredibly well together, and they are great at their job.  In each episode, the team is faced with an intense situation that they must try to calm down.  Often times their calls are for a hostage situation or something similar, so the leader of the team finds himself trying to talk down the criminal while the rest of the team works to find out information on the criminal that their leader can use while  he’s speaking. You would be surprised how many challenges the team has to overcome, and it makes me wonder if things like this really do occur in real life or if they’re just dramatized for television.  Many times, the situation turns out all right, and they can return to their head quarters and go home for the night.  However, sometimes the plan goes array and someone gets hurt.  More often than not it’s the criminal they’re trying to stop.


In addition to all of these life threatening missions the team has to go on, they also face some pretty hard situations in their lives throughout the series.  At one point, they’re threatened to be stripped of their status as the top SWAT team.  Other times, there are a lot of personal issues that each individual character has to deal with.  Each character has their own strengths that they can bring to the table and their own personalities which makes the show fun to watch.  They act like a big family because, after all, that’s how close you have to be when you’re putting your life in the hands of other people.  Unfortunately, the show was cancelled in 2012, but there are still six seasons awaiting to be watched on Netflix!

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  1. This sounds like a really interesting show! Obviously, it is dramatized for TV, but as you mentioned, it would be interesting to find out if these dramatized situations ring true to real SWAT team situations. I like that each situation that the SWAT team deals with in the show does not always work out perfectly. This is much more believable and would make a much more interesting show.

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