Software Review Ideas

One of our students Libby Benson brought to my attention the existence of “Software Reviews” and “Teacher’s Corner” pieces published within the Structural Equation Modeling: A Multidisciplinary Journal. Within them you can present findings regarding modeling approaches and/or validate results from using different software or functions.

This conversation brought me back to the classroom (see Figure 1) and got me to think about all those times I thought “this could be a good short statistical paper“. This is a list of ideas I have rescued form my notebooks. If claim any of them just send me an email and I will make a note that the topic has been claimed. I have more but I still need to determine what was the idea Alexis Santos from x-years ago had.

Figure 1: Notes from my time as a PhD Student (not so long ago!)

I am also more than happy to collaborate with anybody who wants to develop these ideas:

  1. Spatial Clustering Programs in R for aggregate data – this could be a short piece studying the level of agreement between spatial regression models using R, with alternative neighbor specifications. The purpose is to compare the output for the same model (fit using different specifications) and to compare the effects of different modeling approaches. Regarding our association of interest.
  2. Diagnostics for regression model specification in R for individual level outcomes – this could be a short piece studying how to determine the best model specification for an outcome of interest using R.
  3. Karlson, Holm, Breen Mediation Modeling with Complex Survey Data: a tutorial with STATA – this will be a Teacher’s Corner where we illustrate the use of the KHB mediation model to those who are interested in learning this process.

More to be announced!

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