From a theoretical point of view, my main research interest is hermeneutics. The Italian philosopher Gianni Vattimo refers to it as our koiné, that is to say, the common language of our postmodern era. I particularly apply analogical hermeneutics, developed and promoted by the philosopher Mauricio Beuchot; I also explore the possibilities of the so-called Carnal Hermeneutics, proposed by Professor Richard Kearney. I believe that hermeneutics has the ability to focus our intellectual efforts on the text; This generates an undeniable pedagogical value: I have always believed that research must necessarily be linked to our work within the classroom.

From a generic point of view I specialize in the critical analysis of poetry, life writing and the cinema. Being myself a poet, I have a natural inclination for this genre; My doctoral thesis was dedicated to analyze the work of an Argentine poet (Olga Orozco), and a considerable number of the essays I have written and published in scholarly and popular journals deal with the interpretation of the same genre. On the other hand, life writing and  cinema corresponde perfectly with the fundamental theme that I look for in the literary and audiovisual works: nostalgia.

From a historical-geographical point of view I am interested in authors who have produced their works in Mexico, the United States and Spain during the second half of the twentieth century and the first decades of this new millennium.

You can find all my published books and articles in the following link.