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The Rolling Bench


After a rainy day, we like to go out and have fun. So, let’s say you think of going to a park. Usually, you will find the benches wet because of the rain. Therefore, you would try to dry it by many different ways. This old problem has been solved by Sungwoo Park, Yoonha Paick, Jongdeuk Son, Banseok Yoon, Eunbi Cho and Minjung Sim.

The Rolling Bench looks like an ordinary bench with a handle. The handle can be found in the right side. The handle rotates the seat surface from the dry side to the clean one.

It also could help us to communicate with others. Sungwoo Park said “Even if you do not need to sit there, how about if you show that you care for others by turning the handle for the next person to sit on a dry seat? Such small actions will bring about communication among people.”

Here we can see how is a small idea could solve a big problem.



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The rolling bench:

rolling bench:

The rolling bench :