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3D iPad Camera Sensor


Kinect is one of the secrets of the success of the gaming device “Xbox”. it is a camera which has made interaction with the gaming experience with unprecedented because it is your perception of your surroundings and take you to be inside the game. Most of us think that Apple products are capable of doing anything. Therefore, a team of developers tried to design a sensitive camera works like Kinect and convey their experience to the world of the iPad.

The camera can be installed on the back of the iPad which you shoot that whether we like, and it scans for what we want and filmed estimated dimensions  to be  “3D”  pictures. This camera had been offered by the site kickstarter to collect 100 thousand dollars to support the product. By the end of the collection, They collected about $ 1.29 million.


The camera can portray anything angles and dimensions. Also, it can identify the depth, distance and size of each body. So, you would have a three-dimensional model of something that you want, and this can be used in many things ,SUCH AS:

1-  Games : you can create a game and race in a  car track at your home. It is  filming the room and identify places that points out an additional “bonus” and start the race and spin and move and jump drive that appear on the screen of the iPad in your room. You might think it is ” crazy ” but look at your screen you will see a race car is already going on in the room.

2- at the house : Sometimes you want to buy a table or a bed, so you start to take measurements. but this camera can portray your room and take the measurement. So, just go to the store and when you see what you want to buy out the iPad and take a 3D picture of the furniture then add it to your room to see if they are really suitable or not , and you can move it left and right to be sure.
the camera includes its own battery, which enable it to photograph for 4 hours. so, is not dependent on the iPad battery. The camera can estimate the dimensions and distances of up to 40 cm to 3.5 meters, and can even imaging in the dark, using the IR. The company announced that the camera supports the iPad 4 and also Air, as well as the iPad Mini Ratna. The camera is now available for booking from the company’s website through this link and that the amount of $ 349 and shipping in April.



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Makkah Tower


Makkah Al-Mukarramah ( Mecca) is a city in Saudi Arabia that Muslims around all over the word tend to it five times a day. And every year during Hajj more than 3 million come to perform this worship.

Because of the huge number of visitors, Saudi government decided to build a spectacular building next to the holy mosque. It has big 7 towers connected to each other.   These towers are a part of King Abdulaziz project to serve the holy mosque. All of the income of the rent goes to serve the holy mosque.

makkah 2

Just across the street from the Masjid Alharam (The holy mosque), Abraj Albait tower holds 5 stars hotels to help accommodating pilgrims yearly. In total, about 100,000 people can be living inside the hotels.. Also, it has 4 floors of shopping mall and 2 floors of restaurants. Not just that, the parking garage is able to hold over 1000 cars.

This building has breaking three world’s records. One of them is that it is the world’s tallest and largest clock. This clock stands 601 meters above the sea. It is not a common clock. In fact ithas four faces. Also, the diameter of the clock face is 43 meters. The clock face is boiled of 98 million glass mosaic pieces.  Also, it outfitted with 2 million LED light. In addition, there is more than 21,000 green and white lights in the top of the clock. They are flashing during the calls of prying 5 times a day. The hour hand 56 foot and the minute hand is 72 foot. Above the clock, from the north and the south, an Arabic scripts written which is “ Allah Akbar” (god is the greatest). And from the east and the west, an aya’ah from Qura’an (the holy book for Muslims).

makkah tower

I hope you visit this awesome building. But, don’t forget your VISA, which is to be a Muslim.    As Islam states, Makkah is only for Muslims, so, only Muslims can enter it.





Abraj Al Bait:

List of largest clock faces:

Largest Clock – world record set by The Royal Mecca Clock:

the mecca clock tower:

Seed Cathedral


EXPO, is an international fair that many countries participate by propose their projects to the host country. In 2010, Shanghai, China, was hosting this event. There were more than 200 countries participating in this event.


Seed Cathedral  is a building in shanghai, china. In Shanghai’s EXPO, the United Kingdom have propose their project as an exhibition and play yard in Shanghai. Heatherwick Studios is the British team that design this building and Tomas Heatherwick is the group leader. They designed a spectacular building. This building is going to be one of the top five most popular attraction in Shanghai.

The British project has a size of football playground. The site area is 6000 square meters, but not all of this area is the building. The building’s floor area is only 105 square meters. The rest of the area is for a significant public space around the building, so the visitors could relax or enter the building.


This building try to save planet seeds. They collected 66,000 seeds! From around all over the world. They trapped each seed in a fiber optic. And this fiber optic has two sides. One is standing out of the building and the other is inside the building. So, the light is entering the building through the fiber optics. Each one of these fiber optic rod is 7.5 meters long. During the daylight, the fiber optics allow the light coming inside the building. And in the night, they ignite it from the inside and the light go outside.


The smart design of this building allow it to not fall apart during a windy day. The idea is to make its optics to move gently to create a dynamic movement.

In just 6 months after the opening day, more than 8 million people went inside this awesome building. Which actually, make this building as the most visited United Kingdom Attraction.



UK’s pavilion:

UK Pavilion for Shanghai World Expo 2010 / Heatherwick Studio:

Seed Cathedral:

UK Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010by Thomas Heatherwick: