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Makkah Al-Mukarramah ( Mecca) is a city in Saudi Arabia that Muslims around all over the word tend to it five times a day. And every year during Hajj more than 3 million come to perform this worship.

Because of the huge number of visitors, Saudi government decided to build a spectacular building next to the holy mosque. It has big 7 towers connected to each other.   These towers are a part of King Abdulaziz project to serve the holy mosque. All of the income of the rent goes to serve the holy mosque.

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Just across the street from the Masjid Alharam (The holy mosque), Abraj Albait tower holds 5 stars hotels to help accommodating pilgrims yearly. In total, about 100,000 people can be living inside the hotels.. Also, it has 4 floors of shopping mall and 2 floors of restaurants. Not just that, the parking garage is able to hold over 1000 cars.

This building has breaking three world’s records. One of them is that it is the world’s tallest and largest clock. This clock stands 601 meters above the sea. It is not a common clock. In fact ithas four faces. Also, the diameter of the clock face is 43 meters. The clock face is boiled of 98 million glass mosaic pieces.  Also, it outfitted with 2 million LED light. In addition, there is more than 21,000 green and white lights in the top of the clock. They are flashing during the calls of prying 5 times a day. The hour hand 56 foot and the minute hand is 72 foot. Above the clock, from the north and the south, an Arabic scripts written which is “ Allah Akbar” (god is the greatest). And from the east and the west, an aya’ah from Qura’an (the holy book for Muslims).

makkah tower

I hope you visit this awesome building. But, don’t forget your VISA, which is to be a Muslim.    As Islam states, Makkah is only for Muslims, so, only Muslims can enter it.





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