Seed Cathedral


EXPO, is an international fair that many countries participate by propose their projects to the host country. In 2010, Shanghai, China, was hosting this event. There were more than 200 countries participating in this event.


Seed Cathedral  is a building in shanghai, china. In Shanghai’s EXPO, the United Kingdom have propose their project as an exhibition and play yard in Shanghai. Heatherwick Studios is the British team that design this building and Tomas Heatherwick is the group leader. They designed a spectacular building. This building is going to be one of the top five most popular attraction in Shanghai.

The British project has a size of football playground. The site area is 6000 square meters, but not all of this area is the building. The building’s floor area is only 105 square meters. The rest of the area is for a significant public space around the building, so the visitors could relax or enter the building.


This building try to save planet seeds. They collected 66,000 seeds! From around all over the world. They trapped each seed in a fiber optic. And this fiber optic has two sides. One is standing out of the building and the other is inside the building. So, the light is entering the building through the fiber optics. Each one of these fiber optic rod is 7.5 meters long. During the daylight, the fiber optics allow the light coming inside the building. And in the night, they ignite it from the inside and the light go outside.


The smart design of this building allow it to not fall apart during a windy day. The idea is to make its optics to move gently to create a dynamic movement.

In just 6 months after the opening day, more than 8 million people went inside this awesome building. Which actually, make this building as the most visited United Kingdom Attraction.



UK’s pavilion:

UK Pavilion for Shanghai World Expo 2010 / Heatherwick Studio:

Seed Cathedral:

UK Pavilion at Shanghai Expo 2010by Thomas Heatherwick:

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