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In Apple Conference  WWDC 2013,  Apple has to allow the Executive Director of the new company talk about his product. And when he ascended “Boris” to the podium began to explain “Anki Drive”, which at first, seems to be a  new kids game. However, it is not ,especially, after you can see that there is a merging between  the physical and the real world in a game. The Time magazine chose “Anki” to be among the top 25 inventions for 2013. So What is this game?


The idea of ​​”Anki” starts when Boris and his colleague Gabriel working on their doctorate before 6 years. Then, they began to work to combine their expertise in robotics, artificial intelligence and programming. Indeed, Anki is becoming alive.


Anki is a plastic race-car such as those we buy from stores, but this car is characterized by intelligently industrial and can see the racetrack and other vehicles to avoid crashes. And it also doing a lot of things, watch the following video at WWDC:

Anki Drive has been launched for sale to the consumer through the Apple retail stores on October 23 last versus $ 200 to get two cars and a race track and a fast charger is capable of charging 3 cars at the same time. In addition to tiers cleaner. The company launched the application of a special game, and through which you can drive the car and activating the weapons to fire – not real ones – the cars that come on your way to win the race. Watch a video explaining the fighting:



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