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Some designers from India are trying to have the necessary material to start commercial production of intelligent ring that can be connected to smartphones and tablet via Bluetooth.

The designers are trying to get funding of 40 thousand U.S. dollars through the campaign on the platform of “indiegogo” specialized in collecting the necessary material support for projects emerging.

The designers of the Smart ring (Smarty Ring) it is associated with smart devices via Bluetooth 4.0, and includes a screen-type LED to show the alerts received from users’ computers.


Ring users can get alerts for calls, text messages or e-mails received on the Smartphone. in addition to the new posts alerts on social networks such as Facebook  or Twitter. In addition, it alerts with the remaining quantity of battery power , and show the local time of the country.

The ring ,also, can work as a remote control in smartphones or tablets, where it can be used to answer or reject incoming calls , or control the camera and operate the shutter button , or music control , or change the conditions of the phones ( general, silent,.. etc).


The designers said that, Smarty Ringhas the unique feature allows the user to run the sound of the bell in his/her cell phone in the event of loss, in order to easily find it , and that the sound of the bell supports the work even if you are running in silent mode mobile device .

The ring supports intelligent charging Wireless. Also promised to provide for the application of smart devices at the launch in the market , which is the application that facilitates the user to manage the ring and determine the quality of alerts that you want to appear on the Smarty Ring.

It is intended designers, provide battery capacity of 22 MA/h . This battery is going to work for about 24 hours straight.

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