It is hard to choose, But its good for us


As the technology gets more development, most of the companies try to take the lead. And Mobile industry is good market to use these new technologies. The personal assistant in smart phone is an example of a technology that make the cell phone more favorable.

The personal assistant in modern Smartphone devices started with Siri in 2011, and then major companies start to provide peer-strong competitor.

Google “Now” and Samsung “S Voice” are two major noticeable Smartphone personal assistants. In addition,  Samsung hired the previous manager of  Siri project. And Samsung works on the project “Sami” to compete with Siri.

Recently, both Google Now and Siri have got a lot of updates and so it’s time to get to know who has the best service?

Phone Buff is a channel in that cares about the technology. Phone Buff has an interesting test for each of Siri and Google Now.  Usually, the tests put both devices and compare them at the same time by asking the same question to know, from the answers, which one is faster and better. However, they wanted to to provide something new which is ” the best in the two “. And that had done by asking 50 questions on different personal assistant. The goal is to show the best of Siri and Google Now and leaves the user to answer a question which one can assist you better? ” . watch these two videos and choose your answer.

1-  Siri :

2- Google Now:

It is hard to choose, But its good for us because the customers will have the best technologies with an affordable price.



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