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Day after day the world turns to be a technological world, especially in the field of money. In our days, our pockets has a large number of credit cards because we have accounts in more than one bank debit cards as well as from different shops reward cards. the solution came with Coin.

Coin is a Supplement card, as shown above, which is an electronic card within the size regular cards. But it has a button and a small screen. Also,  you can program it and add cards to credit by using a special supplement with Apple.

So how can I choose the right card?  When you want to purchase click on the button in the card to choose between your registered cards. It will show you the name of the card in  the small screen, and then handed the seller your coin card . it is that easy.

Inside the card, there is a  battery. The battery communicates by Bluetooth 4 with  Apple products. According to the developer, the battery works for two years of normal use and it has a resistant to water. And it will not be affected by any liquid. In addition, Because the card is connected to your phone by Bluetooth, so it can alert you if it moved away.

The price of the card is  $ 100 and will be available soon. You can preorder it and save 50% through their website:

You can learn more about it and how to use it in this video.



The coin :

Digital credit card Coin adds new features after post-launch criticism:

Coin eight-in-one Bluetooth credit card adds security features, boosted pre-order availability:

One Coin for All of Your Cards:



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