First polymer solar-thermal device heats home and generate electricity


Nuclear crisis, which suffered Japan finally has make many countries around the world to go to put more innovations that rely on renewable energy, to be an ideal alternative to nuclear power. Even if did not provide the same amount of energy provided by nuclear energy but still enjoy a higher security, as well as the lack of a negative impact on the environment.

Some renewable energy innovations has characterized similarities between each other. However, there are other innovations truly distinctive to attract the minds and attention by its uniqueness in terms of the idea first and second its application. And here one of them:

Using both of light and heat

A team of Wake Forest University has invented a new type of devices that can exploit to sources of power at the same time. Where they designed a device that can take advantage of solar energy and thermal energy at the same time.

where is the use of infrared thermal power generation , and the combination of heat and light can that offers great benefit to mankind by providing about 40 % of the cost in heating and heating processes , as the amount of the value of energy bills> In addition to that the device can also generate electrical energy .

This device is a fuel cell hybrid flat composed of a set of pipes , transparent , and when shining sunlight on those tubes containing fuel mixed with dye that generate heat energy big that can heat a home. while the electric current are generated after spraying the back side of pipe compound an electric light , and the final result and the unit has a solar thermal conversion efficiency of 30 % .



First polymer solar-thermal device heats home, saves money:

Device can heat home, save money:

Solar-thermal device uses a spray-on polymer photovoltaic:

Polymer solar photovoltaic thermal device provides heat, saves money:


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