What happens during the meetings?

Meetings are held every other week and are open to all students. During the meetings, we host a wide variety of guest speakers and discuss club activities.

Can I still come to meetings/socials/service events if I am not yet nationally inducted?

Yes! Any student interested in a career in healthcare is welcome at our events. Every participant, nationally inducted or not, is still encouraged to attain distinguished membership every semester.

Is AED only for pre-med majors?

While many members are planning to become physicians, we welcome all students interested in any healthcare profession. Members of AED have gone on to become not only doctors, but also nurse practitioners, physical therapists, physician assistants, dentists, and a variety of other professions in the healthcare field.


What are the National Membership expenses?

Membership dues are a one-time expense paid at the time of initiation. This fee is used for the initiation banquet, chapter dues, and programming. For the 2011-2012 school year, membership dues were $125. General/Distinguished Members are not required to pay club dues until they become inducted. 


Who can become a distinguished member?

Anyone, regardless of class standing or membership status, is eligible to become a distinguished member. To participate, indicate your interest to the Vice President of Membership. Then remember to sign in at meetings and report your service points to aedmembership@gmail.com. We will keep a record of which semesters you accumulate distinguished membership (think of it like the Dean’s List for AED) and will send an updated list to the Pre-Health Evaluations Committee every semester.


What is the benefit of being inducted?

While our meetings/events are open to all students, we encourage those who are eligible to become formally inducted members of our national organization. Upon your national induction, you will be able to include your honor society membership on your resume, attend the Spring Induction Banquet, and also have access to various scholarships.