A Night on the Town

The sound of rock music and the scent of fried foods filled downtown Altoona, Friday, September 15.  Altoona’s Night Market was an opportunity for local businesses and citizens to network, and enjoy a family fun atmosphere.  It was also an opportunity for Penn State Altoona students to familiarize themselves with downtown Altoona’s nightlife.   This reporter caught up with a handful of Penn State Altoona students, two of which were more than happy to express their thoughts on the evening.

When asked what brought him to the Night Market, John Yohn, sophomore Rail Transportation Engineering student, said “What else are you going to do on a Friday night?”  Yohn followed his statement with an expressed interest in the craft carts and food trucks, especially the food trucks.  

Connor R. Chinoy, also a sophomore Rail Transportation Engineering student, said he was particularly impressed by the turnout.  “It’s good to see people in downtown Altoona these days,” Chinoy stated.  Yohn added, “It’s like it was 80 years ago.”  

Yohn, Chinoy, and their friends had just arrived to the market when this reporter found them, and said they were excited to see how the night would turn out.

Tyler Strauss, Amanda Camarote, John Yohn, Brandon Hilton, and Connor Chinoy getting an early start to downtown Altoona’s Night Market. Photo by Marina Scipioni.

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