Micro-Meals of the Week

Micro-Meals of the Week 

With Michelle Thompson

Bringing you ways to eat like an adult, without having to actually cook like one.

Whether you’re living in the dorms for the first time and are already sick of Port Sky food, don’t have a stove top or oven in your apartment, or you’re just plain lazy… it’s always helpful to have a list of recipes that require nothing but the power of heat-producing, radio wave-agitated water molecules (aka a microwave) in your back pocket. ?? I, Michelle Thompson, am going to help you with that list.

This week’s recipe: Egg in a Cup

Forget about using “effort” and “frying pans” to scramble, poach, or fry some eggs for a breakfast sandwich. With just a coffee mug and a little magic*, you can join the ranks of Jimmy Dean, Denny, and every-diner-chef-ever with your sick egg-making skills. Just follow these steps.

  1. Crack an egg into a coffee mug
  2. Beat eggs with a fork — for sunny side up, leave as-is
  3. Sprinkle in some salt, pepper, and shredded cheese (if you’d like)
  4. Microwave for approximately 30-40 seconds, or until the egg is set (no runniness)
  5. For scrambled eggs, stop microwave every 30 seconds to stir
  6. Carefully remove from mug and put between two pieces of *insert your choice of bread* with cheese, bacon, sausage or something of the like!
  7. OR if you’re feeling even lazier than you did when you decided to nuke an egg in a cup, you can eat your creation right out of the cup!
  8. *OR* just go completely rogue and scoop it out with your hands! What is heat? What are rules? Why did the chicken cross the road? WHAT WAS HE RUNNING FROM? WHO HURT HIM? …

Yikes. Anyway, tune in next time for another micro-meal recipe and enjoy the rest of your week!


*No real magic is actually used for this recipe … Sorry.

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