What are the chances Saquon Barkley wins the Heisman Trophy?

The Word On Campus

By: Jason Haley

Photos by: Thomas O’hara

Eric Wallace, Ridley PA, DUS, Freshman: “One in five chance but I like his chances.”

Sean Brennan, Pottsgrove PA, Journalism, Freshman: “I don’t think he’s gonna win it because the award doesn’t usually go to a running back.”

Mike Barton, Drexel Hill PA, DUS, Freshman: “100 percent.”

Charlie Carbon, Springfield PA, DUS, Sophomore: “He’s pretty good but there are a lot of other good players out there so we’ll see.”

Kyle Baroni , Marple PA, DUS, Freshman: “Saquon Barkley cannot be stopped and he is winning the Heisman this year.”

Andrew Kandravi, Media PA, Business, Freshman: “He’s got it in the bag.”

“150 percent chance Saquon Barkley wins the Heisman he’s gonna have 150 yards, two touchdowns and a Heisman strike in the end zone against the University of Michigan.” Hunter White Mt. Kisco, N.Y. Finance Sophomore

Mike Romanowski , Haverford PA, DUS, Freshman: “I think he has very good chance; he looks like the most NFL-ready running back in the league and he impacts the offense and team in an incredible fashion.”

Francis Interrante, Norristown PA, Finance, Freshman: “75 percent chance he wins the Heisman because he’s the best player in the country.”

Andrew Davella, West Chester PA, DUS, Freshman: “80 percent chance.”

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