Why Did You Vote?

John Dibert

Claysburg, PA



“I think it is important to have a say in our election process. A lot of people only think the Presidential election is important, but arguably local elections affect your day to day life more”.

Kaylah Thompson

Dundalk, MD

Criminal Justice


“I submitted an absentee vote. It was cool taking part in this experience as I couldn’t drive back home to vote at the polls”.


Jenna Chronister

Tyrone, PA

Human Development and Family Studies


“I care about our country’s’ future”.


Grace Veltri

State College, PA



“As a citizen of the United States, it is my constitutional right to vote as it is one of the few things I can do. Also, I don’t live that far away”.


Samantha Nash

Sturgis, SD



“I care about the country. I think that our generation are the ones to make progressive change”.


Cooper Wills

Mechanicsburg, PA

Political Science


“I voted because I’m over 18, and voting is a responsibility for Americans. If you don’t vote, you are forfeiting the ability to choose how your community is run. I vote to make a difference”.


Hilari Parsons

Tyrone, PA



“I voted today because I felt that there were candidates that aligned with my values. I also think it’s important to exercise your right to vote as it gives the American people a voice”.



Lauren Moran

Johnstown, PA

Earth Science & Policy


“I voted because both of my parents have state jobs”.




Makayla Plants

Washington, PA

Marketing Management


“I voted because I believe it really matters. I did it for my future, for my family, and to my community. Voting is a part of my independence because if I don’t vote, someone else makes decisions for me!”




Jessica Stevens

Altoona, PA



“I voted because I wanted my voice to. be heard now that I am of age. This is my first voting experience and I feel like it is my job to vote now that I am 18. I am going to make it a goal of mine to vote at every election starting now”.


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