Why didn’t you vote?

by Lauren Ansell


“I wasn’t able to go home in time to vote. And I didn’t know I needed to get an absentee ballot before the deadline.”

Micah Brinker



Lockhaven, Pa.




“I haven’t registered yet bc  I didn’t turn 18 until February.”

Devin Callahan

Mechanical engineering


Fort Bragg, N.C.





“I forgot. And I wasn’t able to register for an absentee ballot in time.”

Brandon Bearer

Electrical Mechanical Engineering Technology


Carrolltown, Pa.




“I didn’t do the absentee ballot. No one reminded me. No one tells you this in class, and there’s no advertisement for it. And in hawthorne they didn’t have any information or papers explaining how to sign up.”

Gianna Pagano



Philadelphia, Pa.

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