Nicole Watt, a senior from Altoona, PA studying Business has a unique talent. She is a top performer for Penn State Altoona’s bowling program. After three years of talent and dedication, she is approaching her senior year. Collegiate Review Reporter Sierra Snigier had the opportunity to interview Nikki.

Nicole Watt, interviewed by Sierra Snigier

Q: How long have you been bowling?

A: I have been bowling in leagues since I was three years old.

Q: What is one of your favorite memories from your collegiate bowling experience?

A: One of my favorite memories with Penn State Altoona is all of the friendships I have built through the program with my teammates as well as on other teams. From all of the road trips and hotel stays, you really become close friends with everyone. Some of these friends have become my best friends and I couldn’t have asked for more. Being named AMCC Bowler of the Week and named to AMCC Winter All-Sportsmanship team for two years was also pretty cool.

Q: The bowling program for PSUA is fairly new, only being a program since 2009. You have been a main advocate to keep the program. Why do you continue your advocacy for the sport?  

A: I continue my advocacy for bowling so that those who may come after me can have the same opportunity to compete in a sport they love. It’s important to keep the bowling program because it’s a growing sport in the NCAA and AMCC. Bowling isn’t just a hobby but a passion of mine and I hope that the program continues for a very long time.

Q: Are you involved in any other organizations?

A: I’m involved in Sheetz Fellows and an executive board member of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee.

Q:  Have you played any other sports? Is bowling your favorite?

A: I used to play softball at Penn State Altoona. Bowling has always been my favorite sport and has a very special place in my heart.

Q: What is your major? What made you decide to attend PSUA?

A: I majored in Business with a focus in accounting. I wanted to attend PSUA because I wanted to gain a more personalized education with the small class sizes and to join Sheetz Fellows. I also came to Penn State Altoona to join the bowling team because of the former coach Lori Tremmel.

Q: Your senior bowling season is underway. How does it feel?

A: It feels so bittersweet knowing it’s my senior year. I get a little emotional when I think about how far I have come since I was a freshman.

Q: Do you have a bowling icon that has influenced/mentored you?

A: My family is the biggest influence on my bowling career. From having my mom as my coach to then growing up with my sister, bowling has always been a family activity. They have taught me it’s all about having fun and to do it for the right reasons.

Q: Do you plan to continue bowling after college?

A: Most definitely! I plan to keep bowling until I physically cannot anymore.

Q: Any advice to aspiring athletes/bowlers?

A: If it’s something you are passionate about, never give up or settle because your potential is endless. Most importantly, have some fun and smile.


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