Port Sky: Green2Go

In a world where 1.3 billion tons of waste are generated, Penn State is seeking innovative ways to change that. At Penn State Altoona, they are piloting the new initiative of Green2Go. This program is aimed to eliminate plastic to-go containers with a sustainable option. Green2Go is a reusable container that students can choose to get their food in when they are getting food on the go. When the student checks out, they will pay a $5 deposit for the container. When they return it, they receive a green carabiner to either return for the deposit back, or get another clean container.

Green2Go is replacing the old styrofoam containers that upperclassmen are used to receiving when asking for a to-go box.The initiative passed down from University Park is aimed at completely removing styrofoam and plastic containers for eco-friendly options. Green2Go was implemented at University Park due to students and guests using 495,000 polystyrene containers annually. PSUA is the pilot campus for the addition of the carabiners to evaluate the effectiveness of the system.  

Erin McConnell, Director of Housing and Food Services, stated “We saw a large interest when we started the program, and we are happy to see the students choosing the Green2Go containers”. McConnell said that 165 students have chosen the Green2Go option this year. Although McConnell and her staff can see how many check the containers out, they cannot tell how many are being returned due to the carabineer system. But, she knows that they are being returned due to seeing the returning carabineers. Want to get a Green2Go container next time you go to Port Sky? Read these easy steps from foodservices.psu.edu below.

  1. Pay a $5 deposit through your Campus Meal Plan or LionCash+ and get a Green2Go Box from the server.
  2. Fill it up with food and go.
  3. Keep the container until you want carryout again, or exchange the rinsed Green2Go Box for an easy to carry carabiner. The carabiner is your token for a new Green2Go Box when you want carryout in the future.
  4. At the end of the semester, return your carabiner for a refund of $5.

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