Micro-Meals of the Week

With Michelle Thompson

Bringing you ways to eat like an adult, without having to actually cook like one.

Whether you’re living in the dorms for the first time and are already sick of Port Sky food, don’t have a stove top or oven in your apartment, or you’re just plain lazy… it’s always helpful to have a list of recipes that require nothing but the power of heat-producing, radio wave-agitated water molecules (aka a microwave) in your back pocket. ?? I, Michelle Thompson, am going to help you with that list.

This week’s recipe: Mac and Cheeeese

Image courtesy of Pixabay

What more is there to say? Macaroni. Cheese. It’s a match made in heaven and perfect for any occasion. But boxed mac and cheese can be time consuming– or impossible if you don’t have a stove– and Easy Mac?… Let’s just say it isn’t the cheesiest mac in the bowl if you catch my drift. But if you’re still looking to satisfy your craving without having to settle, look no further than this one-bowl homemade mac and cheese recipe. Just follow these 5 easy steps!

  1. Combine a half cup of pasta, a half cup of water, and a pinch or two of salt in a microwave-safe bowl.

  2. Microwave the pasta for 2 minutes (or less if water is foaming over) then stir. Essentially you’re boiling the pasta, so repeat this process until the pasta is soft.

  3. Stir ¼ cup of milk and half cup (or more) of cheese into the pasta.

  4. Microwave in 30-second intervals, stirring between each interval, until the cheese has melted and forms a creamy sauce. For a creamier sauce, add an extra tablespoon or two of milk and cheese.

  5. This mac and cheese is best right out of the microwave when the cheese has just melted, so dig in as soon as possible– without burning your tongue of course.

And that’s all there is to it! Tune in next time for another micro-meal and enjoy the rest of your week!