What is your halloween costume going to be this year?

The Word On Campus

By Jeena Cadigan

Photos by Tabitha Restauri

Mariah Lee, Havertown PA, Psychology, Freshmen: “I’m a French maid.”

Max Walker, Avondale PA, Undecided, Freshman: “Mario. I have a onesie for Mario.”

Ben Windows, Bedford PA, Mechanical Engineering, Sophomore : “A gingerbread man. I really just tape a piece of bread on my shirt because I have red hair.”

Paul Binder, Oxford PA, Mechanical Engineering , Sophomore: “I’m in a group costume and i’m Hugh Hefner.”

Taylor Bogan, Philadelphia PA, Undecided, Freshman : “The purge.”

Jess Molina, Fort Lauderdale FLA, Integrative Art, Senior : “Dora the Explorer.”

Paige Parris, Altoona PA, Undecided, Freshman : “(Neil and I are) going to be Jack and Sally.”

Neil Young, Altoona PA, Visual Arts , Freshman : “(Paige and I are) going to be Jack and Sally.”

Samantha Plummer, Middleburg PA, DUS, Freshman : “I was a superhero … Silk Spectre.”

Hey, Freshmen!  What surprised you most on your first day of class?

The Word on Campus

By: Nick Tiller

Photos by: Marina Scipioni

Lillie McCoy: “How many people were in my class. There weren’t a lot of girls.”

Kathleen Colton: “How mature the professors are.”

Alyssa Callahan: “I thought classes would be a lot bigger.”

Henry Kleit: “The amount of people. It’s bigger than I thought.”

Ryan Bose: “How cool the campus looks.”

Sam Smith: “I didnt need any books for my classes.”

Chelsea Kirsh: “How many people don’t pay attention in class.”

Alex Schwroneck: “How nice the people are.”