Micro-Meals of the Week: Thanksgiving Edition

With Michelle Thompson

Bringing you ways to eat like an adult, without having to actually cook like one.

If you’re the average college student, you probably arrived back to campus with many containers or bags of your family’s Thanksgiving feast leftovers–the same helpings of turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and corn you’ve been eating 2-3 times a day since last Thursday… You didn’t necessarily *want* to take it with you, but your mom was very insistent and, be honest with yourself, it’s better than having to actually cook for yourself again. But the problem still remains; you’re sick and tired of the same meal over and over and over. Well, have no fear, for a beautiful invention called a microwave is here! I, Michelle Thompson, will be giving you some creative ways to make leftovers look and taste like newovers!… Okay the catchphrase is a work in progress but you know what I mean. Anyway, just follow these simple steps for an easy, yet tasty spin on Turkey-day food.

This week’s recipe: Thanksgiving Dinner Soup!

  1. Cook a cup of pasta in a microwaveable bowl (refer to my previous post on cooking pasta in the microwave for full instructions) 
  2. Locate your leftovers. Everything from turkey, broccoli, corn, carrots, cooked potatoes and even the stuffing is fair game. Mix all these ingredients with a ½ cup of a broth of your choice (chicken broth is recommended) 
  3. Locate spices such as salt, pepper, garlic salt, sage, thyme, even something spicy if you want. Add any or all of these to taste (like a pinch or two since this is a single serving bowl of soup. Stir. 
  4. Heat in microwave for 30 seconds at a time until soup is as toasty as you like it, then add the cooked pasta. (You can also melt shredded cheese on top for some extra yum).
  5. Be careful not to singe your tongue on the first sip or the entire meal will be tasteless and the entire process will have been a waste of time, as will this article, so… watch yourself… 
  6. Pair with some bread, mashed potatoes, leftover cranberry sauce or whatever else you can find and Bone Apple Teeth, you have a completely new meal!

No, that was not a typo it was obviously French, goodbye. Tune in next time for another micro meal and good luck in your last couple weeks of the semester!

Micro-Meals of the Week

With Michelle Thompson

Bringing you ways to eat like an adult, without having to actually cook like one.

Whether you’re living in the dorms for the first time and are already sick of Port Sky food, don’t have a stove top or oven in your apartment, or you’re just plain lazy… it’s always helpful to have a list of recipes that require nothing but the power of heat-producing, radio wave-agitated water molecules (aka a microwave) in your back pocket. ??  I, Michelle Thompson, am going to help you with that list.

This week’s recipe: Baked Apples

Nothing says “Autumn” like eating apple pie filling out of a bag, am I right? If you’re looking for a sweet fall-themed treat but don’t have the means to bake a whole pie for yourself, this shortcut may just do the trick. Baked apples in a bag is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet tooth and is easily prepared if you have an apple, a spoonful of sugar (literally), and a couple other items lying around! Just follow these steps.

image courtesy of Pixabay

  1. Get an apple and cut it into slices or cubes and put in Ziploc freezer bag
  2. Add 1 tablespoon of sugar, 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon cornstarch, and 1 tablespoon water into the bag
  3. Seal the bag and shake to mix ingredients
  4. Reopen slightly for ventilation and microwave for 2 minutes
  5. Be careful. The bag and its contents will be hot. Let cool and dig in!
  6. Congrats, grandma’s baking’s got nothing on you! Actually, not a single Baby Boomer’s baking has anything on you. You won at baking– nay– you won at life! Let it be known, the competition between generations is over! I can see the headlines now: “THIS JUST IN, MILLENNIALS HAVE KILLED BAKING, THE ECONOMY, AND THE VALUES OF AMERICAN SOCIETY. THEY MUST BE ELIMINATED.” BUT THEY’LL NEVER ELIMINATE US. WE. ARE. IMMORTAL!

Welp… all in a day’s work. Anyway, tune in next week for another micro meal and enjoy the rest of your week!