What do you think your favorite class is going to be this semester and why?

The Word On Campus

By: Jeena Cadigan

Photos By: Abby Harter

Alexa Aminano, Kinesiology: “Intro to Kinesiology because that’s a class for my major and I am really interested in it.

Ryan Morefleet, Communications- Journalism: “I’m going to say creative writing. I’ve never taken something like that before and I think it’ll give me some cool opportunities to do some cool assignments.”

Kyle Bixby, Business: “Probably my Environmental Science because I’ve never taken Environmental Science and just from what I’ve learned so far I think it’s going to be interesting.”

Maddie Bartk, RHS: “Martial Arts. I’m just kidding. My health development and family studies class. We get to go to the center of nursing care and do activities with the people there.”

Emilie Hovanec (left): “E-Design is going to be my favorite class this semester because professor Jordan Sell is really cool.”


Katie Parstion (right): “My favorite class is honestly probably going to be my Econ class because I didn’t think I was going to like it but my teacher seems really cool and I think I’m going to understand it.”

Christiana: “Probably my Bio class just because I’m into that kind of stuff.”

Vanessa Altner, Undecided: “I’m kind of tied right now because I really like American History, but then I also have this new class that I just got today which was a communications class which is like media and the world.”